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Community Outreach

At Kreative, we believe that giving back allows our organization to connect with the community on a different level and provides an environment of philanthropy and social responsibility in the workplace. Because of this, we hold an annual “Kreative Open” golf event to raise donations for a local charity. The event provides employees, families, and local businesses the opportunity to take part in a building a better future, boosting community morale, and making a positive impact in the lives of those in need. 

For Kreative’s 5th annual event, we were proud to have partnered with Comfort Cases, as well as other business sponsors, to raise money for children entering the foster care system. Comfort Cases, Inc. was founded by partners Rob and Reece Scheer in December of 2013 upon the arrival of their 4 children (then foster children) carrying everything that they owned in trash bags. Shocked and horrified at the practice that adoption agencies still implement, when a child’s security is already at its worst, Rob and Reece sought out a solution to provide children in the system a more dignified and secure way to carry their life’s belongings with them. Comfort Cases recognizes that everyone deserves to have their basic needs met along with a few comfort items of their own, and it is their goal to fill backpacks and duffle bags with brand new essential and comfort items for youth to receive as they enter the foster care system. Today, Comfort Cases has served over 85,000 children in foster care, and continues their mission across all fifty states.

We have also contributed to the following organizations:

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