Security Compliance

Security Compliance

As SMEs delivering quality services to IT firms who service our Federal Government – we understand the importance of being efficient and also being in the forefront of security to safeguard data. After our evaluation, we typically recommend that our customers employ our kSAFE platform solution. This platform is developed on an MS Office 365 domain to ensure the organization’s Quality, Management and Operational controls adhere to NIST and DFARS requirements. Our solution utilizes innovation and leverages technology to ensure strongest adherence to IT security controls. Along with SharePoint, we are also proficient in MS Azure; therefore, recommending the use of our solution ensures Information Security controls around:

  • Platform Security – The processes and infrastructure of MS datacenters to keep data safe
  • Secure Access and Sharing – The management access and sharing settings to ensure sensitive data is not disclosed
  • Awareness and Insights – Complete visibility to make informed decisions, track, and account for all file activity with full transparency with reporting and alerts
  • Information Governance – The ability to govern the lifecycle of data, including deletion and retention policies, eDiscovery, and legal holds.
  • Compliance – A service that meets the latest security compliance standards.

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