The Benefits of CMMI Implementation

The Benefits of CMMI Implementation

The Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) is a proven set of best practices organized by critical business capabilities to drive improvement in business performance.

Administered by the CMMI Institute, a subsidiary of ISACA, it was developed at Carnegie Mellon University. While it is required by many U.S. Government contracts, especially in software development, the benefits to businesses are many:

  • Increase in productivity and performance
  • Increase in customer satisfaction
  • Reduce rework
  • Improved collaboration and communication

To prepare for CMMI rating readiness, many organizations turn to consulting services to help navigate through the model and prepare for their CMMI appraisals. Preparation and the efforts required in achieving a successful CMMI appraisal rating requires:

  • Understanding your business goals and targets to align your business for success
  • Determining how to best apply the CMMI model and other industry best practices to your organization product/service delivery
  • Leveraging tools to create automation and efficiencies
  • Managing change in a systematic manner

Kreative has prepared hundreds of CMMI engagements and has a 100% appraisal success rate with small, medium, and Fortune 500 organizations. We partner with our customers for success and pride ourselves on flexibility and targeted support for your organization’s needs. Contact us today!

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