Mid-Year Check-In for Business Goals


Mid-Year Check-In for Business Goals

July 13, 2020
We’re over halfway through 2020 meaning it’s time to revisit your goals. Some small businesses have a tendency to fall into proposals and vacation or stay-cation.  While you are busy, we believe summer is also the perfect time to conduct a mid-year review.  This way, you can pivot to the direction needed to focus on ‘growth’ to meet your business objectives. A few weeks ago, Kreative conducted a virtual mid-year check in with our team where we discussed our progress on goals and performance to date. A mid-year review brings energy and action to the business planning process. To ensure a quality and comprehensive plan, here are some tips to help you conduct a mid-year business review.

1. Pulse progress – are you on track?

  • Allow sufficient time to complete the review.  Look at your data and assess to determine if your current state of affairs is where you want to be against your initial target goals.  As you review, consider if your current data will allow your firm to carry on in the same manner to meet your year end target goals.  If not, go to step #2.

2. Adjust your Plan, as needed

  • If you are on not track, update your Plan to stay focused on your goals. You are in total control.  Evaluate where you are and update your plans.  Notice the theme? Update your Plan or scratch it all together and re-plan for something that is more meaningful to your organization.  With our current Pandemic, your plans will most likely need an update. There might be an upside to your current business conditions where it may bring new ideas and opportunities.  Evaluate your goals and go to Step #3!

3. Share your Vision

  • Everyone in your team is in it together!  Discuss the successes and accomplishments first an then transition to necessary areas of improvement. Reinforce positive performance! Meet with your team to see where they are, engage them and make them part of the vision and solution!
You’ve got this! #MidYearCheckIn