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We are Kreative.

Kreative Corporation (Kreative) is a full-service business and process management firm. 

We have experience working with customers in geographically dispersed locations.

Kreative is agile, fast-paced, and highly-skilled. Our belief in incremental improvements drives long-lasting, sustainable change for our customers. We apply the structure of industry proven processes in dynamic, flexible, and often “Kreative” ways to get measurable results that are perfectly tailored to meet each client’s business goals and mission.

Our Story

Ms. Soda Sultana founded Kreative Corporation in 2011 to realize her passion and deep commitment to best practices and continuous process improvement, as well as achieving excellence implementing management and technical solutions for her customers. Soda’s experiences in project and technology implementation led her to gain valuable insights into the many challenges organizations face in trying to improve and achieve industry credentials such as ISO and CMMI. Soda learned that the right processes and tools such as Microsoft Office 365, SharePoint, and Azure provide the foundation for success and growth.

Soda set out to create an organization dedicated to customer empowerment and the empowerment of her own employees. At Kreative, continuous learning and outside- the-box thinking are encouraged and rewarded. While applying best practices, Kreative staff have the flexibility to come up with solutions and targets that reflect customer goals and to achieve measurable results. At Kreative, we believe that our success is a direct result of our customer’s success. We apply the same can-do attitude and dedication no matter the customer size or footprint – our successful engagements include organizations that range from 5 to 10K+ resources!

Meet Our Team

Our corporate culture empowers individuals to continuously learn and use their acquired knowledge and skills to help our customers achieve their business objectives. 

Soda Sultana

President & CEO

Growth & Sustainabilty

Kirit Amin

Executive Advisor

Stacey Brown

Growth Manager

Business Infrastructure Support

Shelly Gladhill

Facility Security Officer

Stacey Brown

HR & Accounting

Diana Tran

Project Coordinator & Administrative Assistant

Katie Chenoweth

Customer Care Intern

kQuality - Operational Excellence

Shante Ramsey

Sr. Director Operations, Commercial

Jennifer Breneman

kQuality Director

Brent Greene

kSecurity Director

Eric Pferdehirt

Process Analyst

Christopher Kennedy

Process Analyst

Dee Nelson

Process Analyst

Tami Flora

Quality Support Coordinator

Emily Brauner

Quality Coordinator

Shaun Turley

Cybersecurity Analyst

Digital Marketing & Creative Team

Shabnam Nooristany

Social Media Marketing Intern

Lauren Kuhno

Graphic Design & Writing Intern

Annalise Jacobson

Graphic & Web Design Intern

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