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Red to Green | Path to Maturing Your Organizational Quality

We apply the steps described here to successfully support our customer in preparation for their third party assessment. While the flow is linear to demonstrate how the process typically works, some activities often occur in parallel.

Perform Gap Analysis

The first step in making improvements is understanding where your organization stands in comparison to where it wants to be; this is often done using process models, such as ISO and CMMI, or setting internal goals. Performing a gap analysis will capture the state of practice within your organization, and provide the basis for targeted improvements that provide the greatest payback to your organization. Kreative consultants talk to your company’s resources to get to know you and your business. We learn about the problems you are facing and what you are looking to achieve. We take the time to understand your requirements and ask questions, so we can be sure to understand and help guide your improvement efforts efficiently and intelligently.

Establish Process Improvement Group

Understanding the gaps in your current process environment is an important step; however, creating a focus group is essential to focus the effort and drive change. Kreative can help you set up a Process Improvement Group that will make concrete plans to implement needed changes. The Process Improvement Group will identify and prioritize specific improvement projects, monitor progress, keep stakeholders informed and engaged, and assist with the successful roll out of the processes.

Collect and Review Objective Evidence

Performing a gap analysis, or credentialing an audit/compliance review that provides credible and accurate results, requires collecting and reviewing the processes and work products used and produced by your organization. Kreative consultants have performed hundreds of collection and analysis efforts and have created an easy-to-use tool to capture the documents required to satisfy model requirements. We don’t reinvent the wheel, but rather endeavor to use the artifacts you have and make changes to align with industry best practices.

Train On Updated Process

Kreative has provided process training to over 1000+ learners. We have process training for the full range of process areas for the major models, including ISO 9001, CMMI DEV and CMMI SVC levels 3-5, and SharePoint. We can easily tailor our training to reflect your organization’s training needs, so that your staff can utilize the processes and help you stay compliant with your processes!

Conduct Internal Audits

Kreative believes in the idea that an organization can’t improve what they don’t measure. Internal audits, which can be conducted during gap analysis or as part of a third-party audit/assessment, provide the information to target gaps and identify specific remediation. Kreative can help you set up an internal audit schedule, train your people on how to conduct audits, and assist third party auditors who will review your organizations process environment as part of obtaining an ISO or CMMI credentials.

Prepare Audit Assessments

Kreative has worked with a wide range of customers in supporting hundreds of third-party audits using ISO and CMMI models. Kreative provides an intuitive and easy-to-use tool to efficiently organize the process documents and project documentation needed for the auditors/assessors. We help our customers prepare to work with assessment consultants and to confidently participate in audit/assessment interviews; this ensures a successful outcome and potentially saves the organization thousands of dollars remediating noncompliance findings and re-assessments.

Lessons Learned & Maintenance

Kreative understands that your organization’s investment, as well as the return on that investment, require a commitment to capturing and improving from the organization’s lessons learned. Formally capturing and sharing lessons learned helps everyone in the organization benefit from identifying which approaches should be repeated and which should be avoided. Knowing what to repeat is as important as knowing what to avoid. Kreative can help your organization set up a lessoned learned database and facilitate sessions.

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