Small Business

Strategic Planning for Growth

Strategic planning is the blueprint for building a small business’ foundation for success. It summarizes its goals and clarifies why they’re important. The strategic planning process also helps small businesses pinpoint the areas in which they need to improve to operate at their fullest potential.

Despite its importance, only a small percentage of small businesses take the time to consistently plan strategically, due to the widespread belief that strategic planning is a complicated, time-consuming process that is only suited to large companies. Fortunately, this is a misconception, and Kreative can help! As a growing small business, we understand the trials and tribulations of growing pains. We’ve assisted large and small companies in creating a strategic plan that complements their business needs and goals.

Important Tools

At Kreative, we base our service delivery around people, processes, and technology. A technology we swear by for both our organization and our customers is SharePoint. Widely used by many small businesses, Microsoft SharePoint is already structured to easily integrate and collaborate with other Microsoft applications, provide cloud security through the Microsoft Azure platform, and reduce business costs for use of other external applications and security platforms. Many small businesses have found huge gains in using SharePoint to address specific business problems with measurable results.

Features of Kreative’s SharePoint Solution:

The bottom line? Small Businesses can be more efficient and effective with SharePoint.

Small Business Counsel

The government contracting field is famously known for its giant industry players in its different sectors making it daunting for a small business to try its hand in the industry. As one of the biggest spenders in the country, the Government remains a prime client for any small business to work with. However, there is much to consider before you can start playing the field. As a small federal contractor, we know just how challenging breaking into the business can be. That’s why we are eager to help other small businesses with our firsthand experience. Let us help show you the ropes and get started on creating your organization’s plan for a win! Learn more.→