Goal Setting

Investing in your Organization:

Paving the Path Forward!

Increased government and defense contracts require government service providers to have an ISO certificate and/or CMMI maturity rating. These requirements may sound quite simple on paper; however, implementation is quite complex. That is where Kreative comes in to help.

Government contracting is a business with great rewards… and often great confusion.

Small businesses tend to have the short end of the stick when it comes to GovCon strategy. There is not a lot of time for a small business contractor to focus on strategy among contract hunting, bidding, and compliance. Contracting is a tough business to break into with increased government and defense contracts requiring businesses to maintain ISO certification, CMMI maturity rating, or adhere to security compliance models. These requirements may sound quite simple on paper; however, implementation of these best practices can be confusing and complex.

Therefore, creating a solid business strategy and plan for success is key. This is where Kreative comes in to help!

Rising Above Competition

Where do you start if your strategic plans involve breaking into the federal contracting business? With millions of small businesses in the U.S., it is daunting to consider how your new or small company stands out from the crowd.

Industry-recognized quality and security certifications such as ISO, CMMI, and the upcoming CMMC, can set your business up for success in the government contracting field. The GovCon industry is a prosperous and selective industry. The ability to promote your business capabilities alone can be challenging along with having to go the extra mile to prove your business is the right choice for your government clients. Certification to industry and internationally recognized best practice standards and models such as ISO, CMMI, and DoD Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) can send the right message that your business is ready to meet your customer’s requirements, needs, and expectations. As a small business, your company must go the extra mile to prove that you are the best bidder!

Obtaining quality and security certifications can help your company overcome the four biggest challenges faced by small businesses:

Get Certified and Earn Points

Kreative helps our customers with obtaining important third-party certifications such as CMMI, ISO, and CMMC. As previously stated, recently released contracts clearly show us that the government is desiring quality and security best practices from their vendors. Each government Request for Proposal (RFP) may have a different points system for evaluating bidders. One thing many of these point systems have in common is that they award points for quality and security-based certifications. For example, GSA’s Polaris GWAC is awarding companies points for having three various ISO standard certifications and/or CMMI Dev/Svc ratings. It can be expected that more RFPs will incentivize contractors who have these credentials. Therefore, government contractors must start working toward obtaining these certs if they want to remain competitive in the GovCon community. Learn more about our ISO & CMMI processes here.

How Kreative can Help

As small business federal contractors, we know just how challenging breaking into the industry can be. That’s why we are eager to help other small businesses with our firsthand experience and knowledge related to certifications that can help you earn points on GWACs/IDIQs. Let us show you the ropes and get started on creating your organization’s plan for a big win!

Our service offering is not just focused on third-party certification consulting. We recognize that our customers often need assistance with strategic planning, especially following our help with implementing numerous changes to management procedures using best practices. To that end, Kreative has authored several hundred strategic business plans for our customers. We work with senior management to identify goals and tie performance targets for success to ensure corporate and customer-facing activities are in alignment. We pride ourselves on being true partners to our customers. We tailor our service delivery to best fit your company’s goals and aspirations. Whether you want to implement quality/security controls to comply with a government contract, achieve certifications to earn points on GWACS/IDIQs, or to just mature your organization’s practices, we’re pleased to collaborate with you! Find out how Kreative can bring value to your business here.