Avoiding the Pitfalls of CMMI Appraisal Preparation

Avoiding the Pitfalls of CMMI Appraisal Preparation

Many organizations have tried to gain their CMMI credentials at a great cost and with disappointing results due to their lack of understanding of the model requirements, the financial and organizational impact, and the activities required to get them there. Executed correctly, the effort to improve your organization’s best practices and processes provides numerous benefits. Achieving a CMMI maturity level rating says to your current and future customers, “We take quality seriously”. It provides opportunities for pursuing work requiring a CMMI level rating. It prepares your organization for success based on repeatable practices performed by trained professionals.  

For federal contractors looking to participate in new opportunities, obtaining and maintaining CMMI and other credentials is essential to business success. The federal marketplace is evolving and modernizing – as are its requirements for those interested in contributing to it. If you are looking to become CMMI compliant or transitioning to the latest CMMI version 2.0 from version 1.3, avoid potential pitfalls and leaf it to Kreative.

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