CMMC v1.0 Update

CMMC v1.0 Update

    With the much anticipated v1.0 of CMMC on the horizon, the industry is waiting with bated breath to see the impact. If your organization has not already engaged in CMMC preparation activities, you have actually already fallen behind the pack!

    To prepare for the full release, Kreative has already began assisting our clients with Internal Audit and Gap Analysis services to test their security implementations against the currently available Draft v0.7 of CMMC. Changes to the model between v0.7 and 1.0 are expected to be kept to a minimum, with pre-assessment activities such as ours being highly recommended by the DoD and the still forming Accreditation Body that will control CMMC going forward.

    Don’t get left behind! Contact Kreative today to learn about how you can best prepare for the upcoming CMMC requirements! #CMMC #Cybersecurity #Quality #Kreative  

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