What Do You Love About Kreative?

What Do You Love About Kreative?

Valentine’s day may be over, but Kreative is still spreading the love!

At Kreative, our company culture is important to us. The cohesion of our team is critical to what we do! Although the pandemic has kept us out of the office, we’re finding ways to maintain and strengthen our culture remotely. One way we do this is by having recurring happy hours via Microsoft Teams. This is a great way for our team to unwind and connect with one another. Our favorite activities include trivia and jeopardy as of late!

Screen capture from our Valentine’s Day happy hour this month.

In addition to our remote happy hours, we also hold weekly operational meetings. These gatherings allow us to discuss workflows, conduct training, address any concerns, and touch base with the team.

Regardless of the modality, company culture is a crucial component of our company. In the spirit of Valentine’s Day this month, we asked our team what they love most about working with Kreative. Check out their responses below!

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