Why is Internal Auditing Important?

Why is Internal Auditing Important?

Internal auditing is an independent and objective activity designed to add value to and improve an organization.  Through this activity, the defined organizational standards place focus on the  “process” and not the “people”.  Through this objective review, internal audits identify redundancies in operational and control procedures in order to provide recommendations to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of said procedures. 

Typical Internal Auditing Activities

Let Kreative Help You Perform Your ‘Internal Audit’ Activities 

It is Kreative’s belief that you cannot improve if you do not perform ‘check-ins’ on your documented procedures via internal audits.  Based on our experience, we find that internal auditing does not happen in a consistent manner due to competing priorities within most organizations.  At Kreative, we partner with you and help your organization set up an internal audit program by assisting you with the development of an audit schedule that suits your operational cadence.  We train your staff on how to conduct audits, and assist third party auditors that review your organizations process environment as part of the procedure to obtain/maintain your quality certification credentials.


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