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SharePoint Support

Why does your organization need SharePoint?

SharePoint enables your organization to collaborate and communicate effectively. Kreative offers a full range of well-structured services for planning, developing, and deploying SharePoint based solutions. We have experience delivering successful SharePoint solutions in Office 365. With Office 365 implementation, you can safeguard and protect critical assets while leveraging the cloud to power your business.

Office 365 SharePoint allows you to tag and rate content, self-publish, track project progress, and even develop its own productivity solutions. We specialize in building document management, and custom workflow to meet business need to improve productivity and organizational business performance. We have a strong resource pool of SharePoint administrators and developers along with certified Scrum Masters, project managers and solution testers. You can also apply continuous compliance controls for industry standards and regulations such as NIST, FISMA and ISO 27001. Learn more about Security Compliance →

SharePoint Consulting

As Change Management experts, we understand that adopting to a new technology is often difficult. We work with you and your internal stakeholders to develop a comprehensive understanding of SharePoint capabilities and, create an implementation roadmap to meet the business initiatives that is perfectly tailored while considering industry best practices.

Our design deployment strategy includes:

Evaluating your business needs to determine the right SharePoint solution
Creating a well-defined plan to map to meet business objectives
Setting up your SharePoint environment
Configuring of out-of-the-box SharePoint features
Developing custom workflows
Training Internal Users on SharePoint features and capabilities
Monitoring the user and make recommendations for continual improvement

Why Kreative?


Internally, Kreative utilizes SharePoint for all its projects to assist with maintaining organized as well as fostering collaboration between employees. When working with Kreative we will work with you to set up document repositories and create customer work flows to organize your business assets that will provide easy access for everyone in your organization and external auditors who will review these assets as part of the certification process so you can take full advantage of this powerful tool just like us!


Kreative has prepared many site templates and baseline configurations that make creating and implementing SharePoint sites and subsites a breeze. These set up procedures are simple and easy to follow which will allow you to take full advantage of SharePoint as an organizational tool. The ability of SharePoint to provide an inventory of documentation, handle version control, and track projects to keep navigation simple is invaluable to every company. With Kreative’s SharePoint Support we can help make sure your organization takes full advantage of SharePoint!
Leverage SharePoint

Kreative will work with you to set up document and database repositories to organize your business assets that will provide easy access for everyone in your organization and external auditors who will review these assets as part of the certification process

Utilize Our In-House kARM (Audit Readiness) Tool

Kreative understands the substantial effort and cost associated with preparing for external certifications and assessments. Our kARM tool allows an organization to organize according to each model but also, more important leverage its assets to satisfy the various requirements. For example, both the ISO and CMMI models focus on Project Management and your organization’s Project Management assets can be linked within the tool, saving you time, effort, and cost.