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Security Compliance

Why do businesses need to focus on Security Compliance?

Our increasingly digitized world has provided many avenues for innovation and creativity to flourish, but with it comes numerous risks and dangers. More frequently these days, we hear news about a new exploit or security compromise that has caused irrevocable damage to a company’s reputation, finances, or in some cases, its ability to function at all. With this growing concern, the government has begun requiring its contractors to maintain an effective and compliant security environment for doing business. Because of this, Information Security goes beyond just IT or legal concerns, but rather, encompasses an operational challenge required to conduct business at all. In this era, it has become increasingly important to consider the cyber security infrastructure of your company, and ensure it is adequately prepared for any trials the future possesses.

Kreative's Security Compliance Support

We are experts in guiding organizations through the process of achieving DFARS Compliance by implementing NIST 800-171 security measures for defense against unwarranted cyber incidents. United States Department of Defense contractors that collect, store, or transmit Covered Defense Information (CDI) or Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI) are required to comply with DFARS 7012 compliance regulations as of December 31, 2017. All prime contractors and their subcontractors must comply with DFARS or risk losing their corresponding government contract….and Kreative can help!

Our Managed Security Services includes:

Solution around Risk Management Framework
Provide Penetration Testing Services
Prepare POAMs
Managed Detection and Response
Infrastructure Management
Vulnerability Assessment and Management
Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)
Endpoint Security Management
Malware Remediation
Forensic Analysis
Device Health Monitoring
Software Patch Management
Compliance Management and Reporting
Incident and Problem Management

Our Approach to Security Compliance

The graphic below illustrates Kreative’s approach to Security compliance. We begin by performing Gap analysis to your target security standard(s) to create a baseline for ‘as-is’ security environment. Following the gap analysis, we partner with you to develop a plan for your ‘to-be’ secured environment. With a sound plan in mind, we take off by developing policies, implementing technical solutions, and delivering training all leading up to the internal audit to pulse where you now stand towards compliance. Finally, we reach the deployment stage, where all the policies, tools, training and internal controls align to improve your security compliance!
To stay abreast of any cyber-attacks, security compliance requires continuous monitoring. At the response stage, we work with you to establish processes and tools to regularly monitor and update your security posture against any new potential threats – working always to keep your information safe!

Why Kreative?


Kreative is a small business in the heart of Northern Virginia, home to many of the largest government contractors in the country which handle incredibly sensitive information as a matter of course. With a highly skilled workforce knowledgeable in IT and the security industry, we are perfectly positioned to assist with your compliance needs. Our experience working with our neighbors in the contracting industry has given us an intimate understanding of on-prem and cloud platforms, as well as MSO365 and Azure GCC high environments, allowing us to gain experience with security implementations in highly regulated environments. Over the years, Kreative has developed a wide collection of templates, covering all the policies and procedures required to be implemented into a compliant environment, which can also be tailored to perfectly fit the unique environment of your organization. This innovative approach lends itself to quick and proven compliant policy implementation that can assist with creating a culture of security awareness within your organization.


Information Security is an ongoing initiative for any organization as it is important to be prepared to adapt to dynamic situations. Kreative ensures the effective implementation of a Plan of Action and Milestones (POA&M) in your environment allowing you to keep track and create a timeline for future security goals and requirements that will need to be met in the environment. Effective usage of the POA&M ensures that your organization remains constantly aware of its security vulnerabilities and has plans to bring sustainable solutions in the implementation of the security controls.