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Quality Maintenance Support

Congratulations! Now that you received your Quality Cert, what’s next?

We see so many firms let their quality controls lapse after the celebrations are over. Internal resources are multi-hatted and constantly reprioritize work causing Quality to take a back seat and suffer. We have also seen scenarios where firms cannot invest in a dedicated resource to perform quality control activities. To address these issues, some of our clients have continued to leverage our services to maintain their Quality Program. We are here to be your Quality Champions and ensure your Quality System continues to be effective, efficient and evolve as your organization matures because the cost NOT to maintain is too high!

Our staff are SME’s in the various ISO suite of requirements, both CMMI version 1.3 and the new CMMI Version 2.0 model. We are prepared to assist your Organization in the implementation of the new model requirements, or just maintain your current QMS. Learn more about CMMI V2.0 →

So, we ask you, why not Kreative? For a fraction of the cost to hire someone – why not have experts continue to help you maintain your Quality Program? We provide several options.