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Kreative is a Small-Business experienced in servicing commercial and federal clients. We have the following Small Business Certifications:

SBA 8(a) Program
SBA Women Owned Small Business
SBA Economically Disadvantaged Women Owned Small Business

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CMMI-DEV Level 3
CMMI-SVC Level 3
ISO 9001:2015 Certified

Industry Quality Partners

We stay current with quality changes and best practices. We are active members and partners in the following global quality organizations:

CMMI Institute Partner

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We help mature YOUR organization by turning Red to GREEN!

Kreative turns your organization from Red to Green in Readiness!

The Kreative team brings decades of symbiotic skills and education to the table, enabling us to provide the dynamic, tailored services that benefit our clients. We are flexible, energetic, friendly and work to build enduring relationships that are only possible with successful, measurable outcomes.

Why Kreative?

We can provide readiness support in one or all of the following industry quality certifications and ratings. We are experts in integrating standards and practices to standardize your internal program management, software engineering, service management and quality controls. We utilize our tools and techniques to tailor a perfect solution just for you! We understand  that one size does not fit all; therefore, we work with you as a teaming partner to deliver scalable and innovative solutions resulting in our 100% success rate.

Kreative has a 100% Success Rating!

Integrated Standards

Program Management

Program Management


Scalability and innovation

Kreative is twice as fast as our competition.
Kreative is your ideal partner; we delivery measurable results in 1/2 the time of our competition.
Kreative is Innovative.
Kreative Asset/Assessment Readiness Manager (ARM)

Preparation is Key

Our proprietary tool, kARM (Kreative Assessment Readiness Manager), is used as the PIIDS where each practice (both specific and generic) are populated with notes and work products detailing relevance to the practice.  This ensures the work-products are carefully organized and are traced to the requirements. After supporting over 100 audits/assessments, our tool (kARM) has brought efficiencies resulting in time and cost savings for our Customers.  kARM is a Secure, Online Multi-User Assessment Tool and is a One-Stop Source that allows for Efficient Document Management. This also allows real time progress reporting to our customer to ensure the audit/assessment effort is on-time and on-budget. Our expert, integrated approach, knowledge and tools allow for scalable solutions supporting organizations sizes and scope ranging from 3–3,000 staff count. Our success is demonstrated in our ability to maintain 100% success for audit/assessment readiness!

CMMI Maturity levels

Climb the steps to Capability maturity!

Climb the steps to to CMMI Maturity!

CMMI Maturity Levels provide a rigorous benchmark rating method that enables you to compare your organization’s capability to its competitors, its industry, and itself over time. CMMI provides five maturity levels that demonstrate a visible path for improvement. As an organization advances its capabilities, it can expect to achieve a higher maturity level by identifying areas of improvement, working to correct these areas, and integrating solutions across the organization. By communicating your maturity level to stakeholders, you highlight your organization’s capability and commitment to excellence.


CMMI–DEV model

The CMMI-DEV model provides guidance for process improvement across a project, department, or organization that leads to lower costs, improved quality, and on time delivery of products and services.  The DEV model contains best practices which covers project management, process management, systems engineering, hardware engineering, software engineering, and other supporting processes used in the development and maintenance of systems (products). The implementation of these best practices helps your organization improve efficiency, speed and product quality fueled by a lower number of defects resulting in customer satisfaction!


CMMI–SVC model

The CMMI-SVC model provides guidance for improving your organization’s capability to develop, manage, and deliver services. The SVC model covers best practices for Strategic Planning, defining your Service Catalog, work and service management, incident management and reporting and ensure service continuity for your customers.  The implementations of these practices help your organization by providing superior service.


CMMI–ACQ model

The CMMI-ACQ model provides guidance for applying CMMI best practices in an acquiring organization. Best practices in the model focus on activities for initiating and managing the acquisition of products and services to meet the needs of customers and end users.

ISO Certifications

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) develops and publishes International Standards for quality management, service management, information security management and many other globally recognized systems. ISO creates documents that provide requirements, specifications, guidelines or characteristics that can be used consistently to ensure that the materials, products, processes and services are fit for their intended purpose based on the target system in scope. At Kreative, we are experienced in helping your firm prepare to be compliant with these ISO standards!

ISO 9001:2015 QMS

ISO 9001:2015 QMS

ISO 9001:2015 establishes your Quality Management System (QMS). The QMS allows your organization to consistently deliver products and services that meet your customer and applicable statutory and regulatory requirements.  This results in enhanced customer satisfaction through the effective application of the system, including processes for improvement of the system and the assurance of conformity to customer and applicable statutory and regulatory requirements.

ISO 20000 SMS

ISO 20000 SMS

ISO/IEC 20000-1:2011 is a Service Management System (SMS) standard. The SMS standard helps your organization to better align your IT services and the business it supports. Adopting the common language and the knowledge about processes usually helps in building trust and confidence of customers and users of the IT services.  The SMS model maps closely to the ITIL best practices framework where there is focus on continual service improvement as it relates to Service Strategy, Service Design, Service Transition and Service Operations.  While ITIL certification is to a person, the SMS certification is applied to an organization.

ISO 27001 ISMS

ISO 27001 ISMS

ISO/IEC 27000:2016 establishes your Information Security Management Systems (ISMS).  The ISMS prescribes the requirements for establishing, implementing, maintaining and continually improving an Information Security Management System (ISMS).  Once fully implemented and operationally sound, these requirements provide the framework and intended behavior of an effective ISMS.  Fundamentally, the ISMS typically contain a set of policies and procedures that ensure a systematic pathway to managing an organization’s sensitive data.  The main objective of the ISMS is to manage, minimize and mitigate risk while also ensuring enhanced business continuity through the proactive reduction of severity and likelihood of any security breach.  Furthermore, it provides the foundation and guiding principles to information security within an organization to include the CIA (Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability) triad construct of the secure system.

ISO 14001 EMS

ISO 14001 EMS

The ISO 14001 family of standards provides practical tools for companies and organizations to establish their Environmental Management System (EMS). EMS helps organizations improve their environmental performance through more efficient use of resources and reduction of waste.

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