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What is CMMI V2.0?

CMMI V2.0, the latest version of CMMI, was created to optimize business performance in an ever-changing global landscape. The CMMI V2.0 model is a proven set of global best practices that enables organizations to build and benchmark the key capabilities that address the most common business challenges, including:
Ensuring Quality
Engineering & Developing Products
Delivering & Managing Services
Selecting & Managing Suppliers
Planning & Managing Work
Managing Business Resilience
Managing the Workforce
Supporting Implementation
Sustaining Habit & Persistence
Improving Performance

What are some CMMI V2.0 Key Improvements?

Improve Business Performance
Business goals are tied directly to operations in order to drive measurable, improved performance against time, quality, budget, customer satisfaction and other key drivers. 

Leverage Current Best Practices
CMMI V2.0 is a trusted source of proven best practices that will be continuously updated to reflect changing business needs on the new online platform. 

Build Agile Resiliency and Scale
Direct guidance on how to strengthen agile with Scrum project processes with a focus on performance. 

Increase Value of Benchmarking
New performance-oriented appraisal method improves reliability and consistency of benchmarks while reducing preparation time and lifecycle costs. 

Accelerate Adoption
Online access and adoption guidance make the benefits of CMMI more accessible than ever. 

Integrated Product Suite

CMMI V2.0 is an integrated product suite consisting of 5 components that, when used together, provide a clear and proven path to achieving your business objectives.

Training & Certification
Updated training has modular components with virtual and in-person options. The training is more learning objective oriented. 

Appraisal Method
A new appraisal method helps to increase reliability while reducing overall cost. 

Clear pathway to performance improvement. Simplified for accelerated adoption. 

Adoption Guidance
Guidance for a smooth transition from CMMI V1.3 to V2.0 and for new adopters helps users get started with CMMI V2.0. 

Systems & Tools
Redesigned system to access online models and resources.